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Welcome to LOUDEAC VIANDES, where we celebrate the typical rural taste in every succulent cut. Our curated selection of premium pork products captures the authentic flavors found in rural kitchens. Meticulously sourced from trusted suppliers committed to ethical practices, each bite is a tribute to tradition and excellence. Join us in savoring the genuine, down-to-earth goodness of [Your Porky Paradise], where every meal is a celebration of the countryside’s rich and flavorful heritage.

Food Safety

Producing safe food requires education and training for anyone who comes in contact with pigs. We have a dedicated set of practices in place to guarantee pigs are handled properly.

Animal Well-being

Safe food begins with healthy animals and quality care. Animal well-being is our ethical responsibility and it’s a top focus every day on the farm.


To keep our farms’ environmental impact in check, we monitor everything from the soil and manure to water quality and emissions.

Our People

A safe work environment keeps both our people and our pigs safe. Our practices guarantee that anyone who steps foot on a farm has the proper education and training.



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