Indulge in the epitome of premium pork with our carefully curated selection at Loudeac Viandes. From succulent tenderloins to savory ribs, each product is a celebration of top-tier quality and authentic taste. Elevate your culinary experience with the finest cuts, meticulously prepared for your enjoyment. Welcome to a world where each bite tells a story of dedication to excellence and a passion for exceptional flavor.


A Symphony of Savory Offerings

boneless pork rib

pork loin rack

pork loin strip


pork breastbone

pork rib bone-in

boneless 4d ham

round cut ham without foot

pork shoulder

fore trotters

pork shank

boneless 4d shoulder

pancetta bacon

bone-in skin-on pancetta

boneless skinless pancetta

pork jowls with rind

pork jowls without rind

hind trotters

pork rosary

pork rib tips

pork "secreto" cut

tenderloin with chain

tenderloin without chain

loin ribs